Name:  «AQUARIA»
 Serial nr:  ?
 Contruction date:  1972
 Location:  Hamburg (Germany)
 Hull colour:  white
 Alterations  from original:   When we bought the boat in 1992 we planned to do ocean sailing and to be able to live on board.
We had in mind to reinforce the hull structure after she has been sailing (also in racing events)
for 20 years on the North Sea and to create watertight hull sections for safety reasons.
After comletion of the works, two Atlantic crossings and extended cruising on the European
Atlantic coastline between North Sea and Gibraltar, we can say that we did right:
We still have a Centurion of sound and solid structure.

Mast and Rigging:
- We renewed the shrouds, forestay and backstay, reinforced the shrouds to 7mm.
- Reinforced the hull in the front section with ribs and stringers.
- Connected the port- and starboard sections of the forward bulkhead to form one (watertight)
bulkhead, reaching up to the berth-level of the forward cabin. We integrated a watertight
inspection hatch in the new bulkhead to have access to the former foot-room of the forward
cabin we use now to stow 50 Meters of 8mm chain. Above the new chain locker is a new stowage
for smaller items, accessible from under the berth cusions.
- Installed a pipe in the bulkhead between anchor locker and forward cabin to lead the chain
in the new chain locker aft under the berths.
- Connected the port- and starboard section of the main bulkhead, strengthening the whole hull
structure against twist when heeling.
- Closed the aft bulkhead in the lower section between engine compartment and stern locker.
Installed through-bulkhead fittings and sea cocks for the bilge pump- and engine-exhaust-hoses.
Now the aft locker is watertight against other hull sections.
- Installed a removable watertight bulkhead/hatch between engine compartment and starboard cockpit locker.
- Reinforced the whole deck by laminating additional fibreglass mats on the structure.
- Installed a wind generator on the stern.
- Installed a Reflex diesel heater just beside the mast support in the main cabin.
- Installed two 50 Litre stainless steel water tanks under the starboard and port bunk in the main cabin.
 Previous owners:  three owners on the Weser - and Elbe-river
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